And Man sat alone...drenched in deep sadness, 

                         And all the animals drew near to him and said:

                                   "We do not like to see you so sad..."

                         "Ask us for anything and you shall have it..."

                             The Man said: "I want to have good sight..."

                              The Vulture replied; "you shall have mine."

                                 The man said: "I want to be strong."

                          The Jaguar said: "you shall be strong like me."

                Then the man said: "I long to know the secrets of the earth."

                         The Serpent replied: "I will show them to you."

                                 And so it went with all the animals.

                    And when Man had all the gifts that they could give...

                                                     He left. 

                              Then the owl said to the other animals:

               "now the Man knows much and is able to do many things..." 

                                           "Suddenly I am afraid."

                        The deer said: "The Man has all that he needs."

                                          "Now his sadness will stop."

                                            but the owl replied: "No"

                                        "I saw a hole in the Man..."

                              "Deep like a hunger he will never fill..."

                  "it is what makes him sad, and what makes him want."

                                 "He will go on taking and taking..."

                                "Until one day the World will say..."

                           "I am no more and I have nothing left to give."


         I believe the world is nearing the point that it has "nothing left to give"  

Hello, I'm Sovereign Brian-Arthur of the Alexander Family; A Sovereign on the Land, living in Reality under God's Grace. Truth is Sovereign and a true Sovereign Always stands in Truth, and is willing to have his understanding of the truth changed if more facts arise. A belief is only a concept in fiction,  while a fact lives in reality; always be willing the change your belief based on new facts learnt. 

Your first step into reality is to realize everything government and corporations create is in Fiction;
To "them" its all a game a few privileged pricks play...always has been, always will be.  

"We know they tell lies, they know we know they know they tell lies, and yet they tell more lies, we can do nothing" A Russian citizen listening to Stalin making boisterous public speeches on Lenin's Tomb while the country starves. 
                           [France four part series on Stalin]

My first hand knowledge, experience, attention to detail, and drive to fight evil and identify the things and people responsible fuel me to understand and identify the truth about what the world is experiencing. I'm here to express to you what I feel the issues are and what really is going on bc the majority of people don't realize how bad the state of the world really is; Governments of the world have been subjugated by powerful evil assholes, who really don't care about the world or the innocent things they destroy.  Personally, I hold the the sick state of the World's Societies Economies and Environment all on the brink of collapse as being self-evident of their crimes and failures. 

I'm no one special, but I feel my life experiences has given me an inside window into what is really going on in this hard to understand world. I was born and raised on a small farm, learning early on life can be both beautiful and cruel, but it all has it purpose in God's natural design. As a child I picked dark sweet clover for rabbits, planted and harvested a huge garden, living off the land.

 Today things don't taste the same, and the cycles of seasons are unpredictably destructive. Based on the facts presented on this page, and what people 50 or older have experienced over time, no one but an idiot can deny "climate change" is happening. 

Today weather is unpredictable and often extreme; droughts in one place while floods in another. Farmers success depends on the natural cycles being consistent and predictable. 

Food security once taken for granted is now coming home to haunt us; even here in Canada grocery shelves are often empty, and the fruits and vegetables are often tasteless & lacking the nutrients. 

Later as a teenager I got sucked [like millions of others] into hotrods and motorized toys, the capitalists instilled a great sense of entitlement in people; all of a sudden post-war everyone's entitled to a gas guzzling pollution and acid spewing 500hp monsters that really had no practical use other than to lower the population; millions killed themselves and countless innocent others.

 If its not fast cars it's gas guzzling pickup trucks built to be as gas guzzling as possible. Comparing gas mileage from North America to Europe shows the fruit from their tree. Todays pickups get worse gas mileage than early pickups. Manufactures like Toyota and Nissan that use to be purchased for their economical mileage have graduated to be some of the worst mileage pickups and cars, shifting from sensible economical to luxury entitlement.   

 Fact is gasoline is a by-product, once literally garbage dumped down the drain for the first 50 years of refining, [imagine the damage] until Capitalist Rockefeller saw the potential for profit. He influenced government much the same way they do today with unlimited lobbying paved the way to harnessing the world with toxic fossil fuels.  Even today gasoline is a useless fuel to their war machines, which is why all of us have been duped into driving gas guzzling pickups and SUV's.

Understand that in this sick Evil capitalistic world, everything begins its existence by being ranked for its uses in military; Oil's primary use is to fuel wars first, and societies secondary. They need jet fuel, bunker oil for ships, and diesel for tanks and trucks, with a thirsty apatite that doubles commercial demand even today; its all about "Bullets Bombs & Banks"

The amount of money resources and energy that has gone into killing each other is beyond psychotic!  Ask yourself what the world would look like today if instead of fear hate and paranoia dominating the world, governments would learn to live by Jesus' teachings of love and forgiveness of enemies; the path to peace is just that easy; "hate is to big a burden to carry" MLK Jr. 

Consider Jet fuel is now in every living organism along with fire retardants, synthetic estrogen, micro plastics and a whole host of "forever chemicals". Doesn't it just make yah feel all warm and fuzzy knowing your governments have been selling out to corporations and controlled by powerful evil capitalists who really just want to kill yah all :(

Its ironic how "they" say all animals, which are part of the natural cycles, must be culled, and fertilizers stopped to save the world, though no one points out that war machine's thirst for oil bombs and Iron  produces the worst and most pollution of anything by far; cancerous toxins, acids, GHG; none of it part of the natural cycles; the world contaminated and fried from fossil fuels and wars. 

Einstein discovered the Natural Law; "energy can not be created, energy merely transforms from one form to another, I can hardly wait to die to find out how my energy transforms." 

Idiot proof way of proving the world is fucked; add up all the Coal, Oil, Gas, Sulfur, Uranium, and conventional bombs man has dug from deep underground from where Nature put it. It was never meant to be part of the natural cycles; all its energy, all its acids, all its toxic compounds and elements contained in them, released into the fragile yet once perfectly balanced biosphere < how many trillions and trillions and trillions of tons of endless compounds and elements upsetting the delicate scales of the natural cycles? ask any kid in grade school, its not hard to comprehend. 

I first worked in my dream job as an auto machinist rebuilding engines, then later as a mechanic. I remember stripping old engines for rebuild; I'd pull the valve covers to find gobs of thick sludge; people don't realize the fossil fuel industry has many more evils than just CO2. The toxins produce in refining and burning, the by-products created, then quietly dumped in landfills or washed down the drain and evaporated into the air, then there's the billions of liters of oil that simply leaks from oil pans.

 But its not your fault you don't believe man has destroyed the earth, its not as if they teach yah these things in public education systems. We've all been dumbed down to idiot status to their advantage. We are mere sheep to "them" to be fleeced and farmed for our fat; aka "Sheople" 

Having worked in these fields haunts me today bc I know there are millions of shops around the world just like the one I worked in; the scale of toxic crap is unfathomable if people only knew. It bothers the hell out of me hearing idiots defend gas oil and coal knowing its responsible for contaminating the entire world and affecting millions of innocent living organisms. From the oil spills to smog, the cancer causing carcinogens, contamination of air water and land with plastics, every living organism, its totally psychotic, especially when there were several alternatives available 200 years ago. 

Later In the 90's I got involved in the BC Bud industry, first as a trimmer then later as a grower.
Back in the day everybody and his dog were growing Marijuana in a back room to supplement incomes; majority of growers were regular people with the money going straight into the economy.
 It wasn't until the BC Liberals brought in seizure of homes and children of people caught growing in 1990's that caused a shift to violent US gangs moving in like they rolled out the red carpet. 

Gangs traded BC bud straight across lb for lb  for crack and crystal meth and hand guns. [that's how/when crack and crystal meth pandemic devouring kids and families] People wonder how our society can be so psychotic today with gang wars shooting up the streets and armies of homeless zombie like crack addicts swarming the streets taking over communities; indeed this is how we got the US style gang wars on our streets and the society and drug problems we have; Government governing is who's responsible for gang war, every death, and the sick state of society today. 

The point I wanted to express is when you grow commercial grade marijuana you pretty much become an botanist bc you have to learning every detail of plant science; we learnt how to take our own cuttings, how to cross bread to make them stronger and much more potent; Potency is what made BC bud World famous, it all started with UBC getting government funding for university botanists to study growing Chemo weed for cancer patients in the 70's. Their knowledge got passed to local growers, and over time it snowballed into a huge community of totally peaceful regular people who loved to smoke and grow pot. The knowledge was freely passed around so anyone with a desire could learn.  

Commercial Growers had to learn to be botanists if they were to succeed; when a plant turns from rich dark green to light green it means it is starving and needs Nitrogen food, and when adding fertilizer it changes the PH, so even if it has fertilizer the plant can't absorb nutrients. Learning what burnt tips or purple stem meant, how to recognize when a plant was under stress, disease or pests invasions and how to treat the condition.
 Plants can speak volumes if people will listen, they get stressed and show signs of sickness much the same as people do. Its growing pot that taught me the super importance of PH levels, what changes PH levels, and how acid PH can be failure for the entire crop. Its hard for people to understand bc they don't recognize subtle changes; when a plant or tree is sick the signs are subtle to the untrained eye. 

Its this experience growing up depending on a farm, working as a mechanic and machinist, being in the woodstove business learning bioenergy, and growing commercial marijuana that has taught me the science and real life issues facing the world.  But is was having a son born with deadly allergies and asthma that fueled me to wakeup from being a mindless idiot consumer, to someone who questioned the insanity that is driving up rates of children born with asthma and allergies from on in a million 100 years ago, to now one in five. Its sad to see more Autism too, increasing from practically one in a million 100 years ago to one in fifty today.  Notice they always look for a cure, never a cause of diseases, with the one exception being cigarettes getting the blame for all the cancers in the world. 

Knowing the world could very well come to end within 50-100 years because of the actions of man is a terrible burden to carry on its own, but its indescribably frustrating when the majority of people have been made into complete Idiots in complete denial of what the world is facing. I was once one of those Idiots, we all were, but we need to wake people up  from the spell we've all be put under. 

We can be a force for real change before its to late, we saw that with the "Trucker" Protest, there needs to be change,  not just for the environment, but for society and economies. There is and always has been far more then we ever needed, there is  no reason anyone should be hungry or without a home other than the world being subjugated and controlled by pure Evil. There are People like Trudeau and Ford all over the world in every level of governments getting away with doing whatever they want like dictators, they don't even worry about openly breaking serious criminal laws. These People are puppets of the Elites and their agenda's like "Agenda 21/30".  

However many people make the mistake of assuming Agenda 21/30 IS the problem, that the destruction of the earth has been faked in order to control the world  
This lie is exacerbated by constant lies and half truths being planted as well as endless organizations and unlimited funded to create a distraction from the real real problem that these same sick sadistic Satanists elites have knowingly and intentionally destroyed the earth simply bc they seek to destroy and humiliate God and God's Creation. 

If you or I were politicians we'd make choices that benefit the Community's best interest yah? 
whereas the "norm" is to allow unlimited corporate lobbying to influence politicians in favor of corporations no matter how it affects the community. We all grow up believing that we can trust out governments to look after us and our communities, most of us are focused on trying to survive without having to worry about corrupt governments. 

 "Never forget everything Hitler did was Legal" MLK Jr.

The research and facts reveal that its all being intentionally destroyed by sick sadistic assholes who know what the future holds; they're building underground cities, growing meat/protein in a dish and GMO plants to grow in warehouses bc soon that's the only place crops will grow; which is why they "need" to reduce the world population. Meanwhile these Evil Capitalist who profit and get off on the destruction of the world constantly keep planting lies and half truths to keep people arguing so it all keeps going  around and around in circle/matrix of Fiction; a world of Artificial Persons aka Corporations.  

Indeed Corporations are  Psychotics;   "If corporations are indeed "persons," their mental condition can accurately be described as pathological. Corporations have no innate moral impulses, and in fact they exist solely for the purpose of making money. As such, these "persons" are systemically driven to do whatever is necessary to increase revenues and profits, with no regard for ethical issues that might nag real people." 

to top it all off corporations only exist in FICTION 
all governments operate as a corporation, so every action is in fiction; to them there are no consequences, just start the game over again like a video game...its all a game to them. 

HERE IN REALITY:  The world is a delicate balance of many many different cycles and systems, each interconnected, existing for millions of years in Harmony.  The systems have been affected by events in the past like the huge asteroid wiping out the dinosaur's age, so yes the earth has always changed through time, but its nothing like man has changed the earth in his short time.

Early clear cutting of forest and redirecting water 50 000 years ago demonstrates the reality/truth; For every action there is an equal reaction-man can and does affect the natural cycles of Earth. Over time man has increasingly affected the natural cycles, 
the majority of the damage done in last 200 years from industrialization & wars. 

One of the biggest lies propagated on the masses is that "man can not affect the earth or  its cycles, the earth is to big" ; in turn convincing people to keep self indulging, being complete idiots, good consumers, keeping the cycles of profits growing for the capitalists. So Capitalists fund the lies, plant half truths to keep people who don't know any better indifferent confused consuming and arguing. 

Let me show you what is happening in Reality;

Lets start with the oceans bc 2/3 of the world is covered by water, life began in the Oceans, and the oceans currents control the weather

Today the oceans have been decimated, many species wiped out, ecosystems on the verge of total collapse. The oceans have been over fished, used as a dumping grounds for everything from ww bombs and ammo left over from wars, to mining waste and garbage.  Not just life is being wiped out of the Oceans, but the ability to sustain life is being destroyed through toxic contamination and acidification. 

Kelp  and Seaweed are plants that play an important part in the health of the oceans, huge forests cleaning the oceans and soaking up CO2 while producing Oxygen. The plants support many organisms and creatures, but the warming planet is killing kelp unlike ever before. Instead of warming taking millions of years like in the past, allowing the ecosystems to adapt, man raised the worlds temperature faster than ever before, with the worst of it being in the last 50years. Man's apatite for fossil fuels wars and industrial development of toxic substances like refrigerants eating the ozone is truly psychotic. If I were the Devil, I'd do exactly what is being done. 

Yet strangely enough the world has been largely indifferent to obvious psychotic behavior. Entire cities thick with smog, chemical industrial pollution of the water land and air, cancer and disease rates skyrocketing. Its one thing for citizens to be ignorant of the problems the world faces, but the Professors and Doctors with big educations who should have sounded the alarm, whom are the gate keepers of right and wrong, science and facts have been subjugated much the same way politicians have. Many of the the so called "educated" have even create counter movements arguing everything is great, 450 ppm CO2 is great, in an effort to keep people ignorant confused and arguing for as long as possible while the war machines and their unquenchable thirst for oil to drive the war machines and coal to smelter steel for endless war machines marches on. 

Coral, a foundation organism is dying/bleaching on a huge scale; today up to 80% of the coral world wide is dead, along with it the thousands of plants and animals that depended on the coral.  

"Although they cover barely 0. 2% of the ocean’s surface, coral reefs are home to 30% of marine biodiversity! For fish and other marine animals, corals are real shelters against predators, but also a reproduction and nursery area for many species. They are the essential foundation of marine life in the tropics.

Coral reefs provide direct sustenance to 500 million people worldwide through fishing, and reefs protect coastlines more effectively than any man-made structure from swells and tsunamis."

500 MILLION PEOPLE! now need food and income from somewhere else; famous Somalian Pirates are starving ex fishermen who can't make a living fishing bc unregulated fishing has wiped out their fish runs forever. Here in Canada eastern fisheries  are wiped out, in the pacific whales are starving for lack of fish

IDIOT: means a mentally deficient person, or someone who acts in a self-defeating or significantly counterproductive way; there must be something in the water or the radio waves, subconsciously brain washed to be idiots, been given a false sense of security to ignore the obvious, and defend the very system that is destroying the world.
Many Idiots are stubborn self absorbed people who even when presented with facts still insist they know better. Will you change your point of view based on facts presented?

Please allow your point of view to be changed when new facts and information arise,  question why and what made you believe what you do, perhaps someone mislead you for a purpose. we all need to stop what we are doing and spend some real time learning what the real issues are, bc these issues may not affect you and I now, it does affect millions around the world, and sooner or later will affect your children. 

“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one”

― Will Mcavoy

many people mistake climate change information as fake conspiracy to control the world; agenda 21 and 30 and many secret papers that come to light of government manipulating the weather using HARRP and cloud seeding. Though these things may be happening, it has nothing to do with the fact that over time, privileged evil pricks have systematically destroyed the fabric of life on earth. people need to recognize there is great great evil dark force that has always controlled and manipulated the masses, through time these powerful people knew what they were doing, as far back as the 1800's they new what the affects of fossil fuels had on the environment, yet bc it fueled their wars and made fortunes it was forced onto society, much the same way Nicola Tesla was muted trying to give the world free electricity.  

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Would you believe some guy on the street telling you that electric cars where common and reliable in 1909, even going further than many of the ones sold today? probably not, I'm a car enthusiast and I didn't know until getting involved in educating. 
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Notice the light light green grass; unable to absorb nutrients bc of acid rain water, plants starve to death unable to absorb Nitrogen, the main building block of plant growth. Farmer's fields producing our food and the animals who eat the hay or grain are not going to get the same nutrients. I remember dark rich fields, vegetables and fruits sweet as candy. Today fruits & vegetables from grocery stores are tasteless.  
Deciduos trees showing signs of extreme stress as early as May and June when they should be dark green and lush. 
June and July Maple trees leaves are brown from two things; one is the Acid PH affecting its ability to absorb nutrients, the other is the extreme UV and Radiation from the sun bc the Ozone has been fried from Fossil fuel Acids and the wars and bombs and industrialization and extreme consumerism driving Capitalism. This is happening to all types of plants in every part of the world on some level. 
In the fall the leaves don't turn yellow and red like the old days, they turn brown, often not falling, tree keeps them all winter long so it can absorb the nutrients back in, feeding off its self. its called Marcescence that usually was only for Oak trees, but bc of the lack of ability to absorb nutrients maples and other trees are now keeping their leaves all winter long.