And Man sat alone...drenched in deep sadness, 

                                                            And all the animals drew near to him and said:

                                                                  "We do not like to see you so sad..."

                                                            "Ask us for anything and you shall have it..."

                                                             The Man said: "I want to have good sight..."

                                                            The Vulture replied; "you shall have mine."

                                                                The man said: "I want to be strong."

                                                          The Jaguar said: "you shall be strong like me."

                                               Then the man said: "I long to know the secrets of the earth."

                                                      The Serpent replied: "I will show them to you."

                                                                And so it went with all the animals.

                                              And when Man had all the gifts that they could give...He left. 

                                                              Then the owl said to the other animals:

                                            "now the Man knows much and is able to do many things..." 

                                                                    "Suddenly I am afraid."

                                                    The deer said: "The Man has all that he needs."

                                                                  "Now his sadness will stop."

                                                                     but the owl replied: "No"

                                                                  "I saw a hole in the Man..."

                                                         "Deep like a hunger he will never fill..."

                                               "it is what makes him sad, and what makes him want."

                                                             "He will go on taking and taking..."

                                                            "Until one day the World will say..."

                                                  "I am no more and I have nothing left to give."
                                                                           Apocalypto                                     [click on highlighted text for links] 

                         I believe the world is nearing the point that it has "nothing left to give"  

Hello, I'm Sovereign Brian-Arthur of the Alexander Family; A Sovereign on the Land, living in Reality under God's Grace on the Land known as Turtle Island. Truth is Sovereign; a true Sovereign always stands in Truth, relying on common sense rather than word of mouth, and is willing to have his understanding of the truth changed if more facts arise. A belief is merely a unproven concept in fiction. [I may "believe" the earth is square, though obviously, like the moon & every planet in our solar system, anyone can clearly see with their own eyes its round,{one of 5 senses God blessed us with}] In contrast, a Fact exists in Reality, facts don't change bc of a "belief"; we must always be willing to change a belief based on new facts presented. Before you read any further, you must clear your mind of any prejudices and doubts that have been "programed" in your subconscious. 
 As God as my witness I swear on my Soul these are the Facts and Reality the world is facing as I understand them. 
Furthermore, I challenge anyone to prove me wrong; I'll pay the first man $100 that proves me wrong....but you MUST read the page first, I'm not here looking for arguments, I'm trying to help the world wake up before its to late. Time is fleeting fast. 

My first hand knowledge experience attention to detail and drive to fight evil and identify the things and people responsible fuel me to understand and identify the truth about what the world is experiencing. I'm here to express to you what I feel the issues are and what really is going on bc the majority of people don't realize how bad the state of the world really is; my research of over ten years has shown Governments of the world have been subjugated by dark powerful greedy blood thirsty evil assholes, who really don't care about the world or the innocent things they destroy.  Personally, I hold the the sick state of the World's Societies Economies and Environment all on the brink of collapse as being self-evident of their crimes and failures. 

Anyone older than 50 has experienced climate and social change first hand; but, the problem is the younger generations have no idea what's been lost, not just environmentally but socially economically, and legally degraded. Its hard to get people to understand the changes that have happened over time, what's be lost bc they haven't seen or experienced the changes first hand. I'll do my best to explain what I have experienced and learnt first hand as fate would have it. Please bare with me. 

I grew up on farm as a child, picking dark green clover for the rabbits, raising animals and huge gardens that fed the community; Farmers success depends on the natural cycles being consistent and predictable. Food security once taken for granted is now coming home to haunt us; even here in Canada many fruits and vegetables now don't ripen properly, often tasteless, lacking nutrients,  grocery shelves often empty. I anticipate a coming famine killing millions because today's weather is unpredictable & often extreme; droughts in one place while floods in another. Farmers are at the forefront of climate change experiencing the unstable weather first hand while the rest of the country feeds off farmers sitting on their ass in huge air condition & gas heated  homes with big screens blasting constantly, ignorant to reality.    

Like millions of other kids I got sucked into hotrods and motorized toys from TV "programs" and movies; the capitalists instilled a great sense of entitlement in people; all of a sudden post-war everyone's entitled to a gas guzzling pollution & acid spewing 500hp monsters that really had no practical use other than to lower the population; millions killed themselves & countless others. If its not fast cars it's gas guzzling pickup trucks & SUVs built to be as gas guzzling as possible. Todays pickups get worse gas mileage than early pickups. Domestic trucks get bigger higher heavier and more wind resistant, while imports like Toyota and Nissan that use to be purchased for their economical mileage, have graduated to be some of the worst mileage pickup trucks and cars on the market. Shifting from sensible economical to luxury entitlement.  

"We know that oil companies haven’t been afraid to stop automotive companies from building efficient vehicles, with one more modern and well-documented example being the patent issues with large automotive nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Texaco and then Chevron bought the patents, and wouldn’t let automakers build cars using the technology unless it was a hybrid. This likely held EVs back for a decade."  so you see, even fossil fuels have been manipulated to be as inefficient as possible under Capitalism's drive for profits.

Private jets and the Jet Set life is another entitlement the Sheople are herded into without thought or consideration; while most nations rely on highspeed electric trains, North American sky's are jammed with thousands of jet fuel spewing shit boxes. Even in Canada everyone flies south for winter bc its become the "normal" thing for everyone to do, but consider the damage your flight to Mexico does to the world. people have no idea ICE engines are very inefficient, less then half the fuel is burnt, the rest is unburnt, lost out the tailpipe and in heat transfer. 

Fact is gasoline is a by-product, once literally garbage dumped down the drain for the first 50 years of refining, [imagine the damage] until Capitalist Rockefeller saw the potential for profit started Standard Oil,  influenced government much the same way they do today with unlimited lobbying at a key moment in history; when WWI rolled around gas powered trucks and tanks saved the day, the rest is history. All wars are Banker wars focusing on the three B'sBullets Bombs & Banks.  
Fact is Electric cars trucks trollies and subways were dominating  society by the mid 1800s, people like Nikola Tesla were ready to provide the world with free electricity The world could have been a different place; imagine what the world could have been if it weren't for people like Rockefeller squashing people like Tesla, and bribing/lobbying Governments in order to "CAPITALIZE" . Today gasoline is a useless fuel for their war machines, which is why the world has been duped into driving gas guzzling pickups and SUV's to fuel their constant wars. Consider the electric car was developed back in 1990's, but was killed by people like Rockefeller for the simple reason; "They" wouldn't have been able to go to war in Iraq if the world stopped driving fossil fuel cars. The amount of diesel and jet fuel military uses is huge. When refining crude oil, gasoline is useless to their war machines, so they harnessed society with gasoline, raking in huge profits to build more & better bombs & bullets. Today its Ukraine, tomorrow WWIII

The amount of money resources and energy that has gone into killing each other is beyond psychotic!  Ask yourself what the world would look like today if instead of fear hate and paranoia dominating the world, governments would learn to live by Jesus' teachings of loving & forgiving enemies; the path to peace is just that easy. "Hate is to big a burden to carry" MLK Jr.     It's truly disheartening Jesus was taken in the night by government, tried & convicted in a corrupt court with no evidence for simply teaching love & forgiveness.  

Consider Jet fuel is now in every living organism along with fire retardantssynthetic estrogenmicro plastics and a whole host of "forever chemicals". Children today are FULL of toxins, yet try to find a doctor or lab that will test your child. 

The world is a VERY SCARY PLACE when you realize governments and corporations have placed themselves above the law while creating a police state for citizens. Its almost as if Hitler lived and cloned himself, so that only "Little Hitler's are running the world, dictating policies; wars, relations, military, energy, from where & how, fabricating science to fit their Fiction. Governments & corporations decide what technologies the world is allowed & what to quash for control & profit of Sheeple
                                                   "Never forget everything Hitler did was LEGAL" MLK Jr.    

Of course "they" say all animals, which are part of the natural cycles of flora and faunamust be culled, and fertilizers eliminated to save the world. How stupid do you have to be to believe these assholes who've never worked a day in their lives, manipulating the lie "animals are responsible for climate change"?  Consider there USE to be billions and billions more animals before man wiped out most every heard that has ever existed, none of them harming anything. Our family farms, the cows roam the forests and mountains 6 months of the year, living free and healthy, one with the forests, their manure fed the forest and the forest fed them as nature intended. That's farming the way nature intended; the secret to living without destroying the world is very very very simple; ONLY USE AND IMITATE WHAT WE FIND IN NATURE, [above ground]
Corporate farms contaminate the ground water when they put thousands of cows in a small area causing contamination of the the ground and the run-off of super high concentrations of fertilizer, [what shit is] into the oceans. Animal's quality of life in a corporate farm is "Hitler Like". Leave it to government and corporations to take something so natural & turn it Evil & torture.

How strange no one points out war machine's thirst for oil bombs and Iron produces the worst and most pollution of anything by far; cancerous toxins, acids, GHG; none of it part of the natural cycles; the world contaminated and fried from fossil fuels and wars. Its not fucking rocket science people: wars and weapons are using insane amounts of fossil fuels and resources. 

                          Einstein discovered the Natural Law; "energy can not be created, energy merely transforms
                              from one form to the other, I can hardly wait to die to see how my energy transforms"

After being sucked into hotrods and driving like an idiot from TV and movies as a child, I first worked in my dream job as an auto machinist rebuilding engines, and later as a mechanic. I remember stripping old engines for rebuild; I'd pull the valve covers to find gobs of thick sludge that we threw in city landfill and washed down the drain; people don't realize the fossil fuel industry has many more issues than just CO2. No one considers the billions of liters of oil that simply leaks from oil pans goes straight into the water every year, or the oil spills decimating oceans and wildlife. People or ignorant to the fact oil floats on water, the first rain washes thousand of liters of oil into the waterways. Of course, everyone's forgotten the billions of tons of oil spewed from wars as if it didn't exists. But bc it can't be seen, it never existed in their fictional world, where they've made themselves gods; only if they were gods they'd have the mentality of a two year old playing with a loaded gun with a hair trigger in a crowded room.

The toxins produce in refining and burning, the super toxins by-products created in your engine over time is quietly dumped in landfills or washed down the drain and evaporated into the air. Tar sands boil 5X's the water and burn 1 part natural gas to get 1 one part crude quality oil; tar sands double the pollution spewed from conventional crude oil. Since Alberta Tar Sand Cooking started in the 70's children born with Asthma Eczema Down syndrome and Cancers has ballooned; not one cock-sucking soul selling "professor" has ever even attempted to link the two, bc if they did  the truth would be public, corporations made liable, it would put a stop to Cooking Tar Sands and bankrupt Alberta ... we can't have that...better to poison children. Oh look at the profits big pharma makes on sick people....mmmm bonus!!! Yet most people violently defend fossil fuels as "the only way"

Imagine what's in the super toxic shit boiling off the tar sands in Alberta, [they can't ship tar sands]. Reality Check: Media labels China as worst polluter, BUT I lived in China recently; yes China has some issues, but considering 6 billion people, they're lightyears ahead in many ways. Almost ZEREO children in China have asthma or allergies nor do any adults in China have pollen allergies! Chinese people go nuts for nuts; giant stores selling nuts. I believe no "experts" have studied the reason for this bc the raging diseases sky rocking in North America can be traced to things like Tar Sands and Chemical Ally. Having worked in automotive industry and being infatuated with HP and hotrods haunts me today bc I know the amount of  pollution and effects its having on the world, but bc its all hidden from the public its Capitalism's compounding dirty little secret. 

Later In the 90's I got involved in the BC Bud industry, {growing Marijuana} first as a trimmer then later as a grower. Back in the day everybody and his dog grew Marijuana in a back room to supplement incomes; majority of growers were regular people with the money going straight back in the economy. It wasn't until the BC Liberals brought in seizure of homes and children of people caught growing in year 2000 that caused a shift to violent US gangs moving in like they rolled out the red carpet. Gangs traded BC bud straight across pound for pound  for crack crystal-meth and hand guns. [that's how/when crack and crystal meth pandemic started devouring kids and families] People wonder how our society can be so psychotic today with gang wars shooting up the streets & armies of homeless zombie like crack addicts swarming the streets taking over communities; indeed this is how we got the US style gang wars on our streets and the society and drug problems we have; Government "governing" is who's responsible for gang wars and zombie land, but of course government is "above the law" 

Commercial Growers became botanists learning all aspects of plant health; Are you aware Natural light shines a blue spectrum in the spring to stimulate growth, and a red spectrum in the fall to stimulated flowering/fruit? Light is life to plants like food is to us. Light spectrum, ultra violete radiation and temperature play a key role in plant's ability for photosynthesis. How long/well can you work in todays hot sun and heat, day after day, no water for weeks, months, can't move? Have you noticed how sometimes you get sunburnt very easily, its hot and red more than usual? Now imagine you're a plant please. 

An extremely important aspect; when a plant turns from rich dark green to light green it means it is starving of Nitrogen- one of three key building block of plants. Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium are the three main building blocks of plants, all of which are sourced  from Nature and in Nature's cycles such as animal body composting, forest fires and fall cycle of plants that decompose and breakdown over time to feed the plants. There's an old joke among botanists that says "Plants are really just farming us for our nutrients" ;).  

Growers learn fast adding fertilizer to water changes the PH to acidic, even if a plant has fertilizer it can't absorb the nutrients to feed its self. Extremely important to learning what burnt tips or purple stem meant, how to recognize when a plant was under stress from heat, disease, or pests, invasions, how to know the difference, and treat the condition quickly so it can produce high yields, AND all without contaminating the final product, and if you're good,  maintaining a high THC, great taste and clean burn. Growing "Pot" is an lost art all its own requiring immense attention to detail we all took pride in. 

Plants can speak volumes if people will listen; they get stressed and show signs of sickness much the same as people do. Its growing marijuana that taught me how sensitive and similar plants are to animals on the farm in that they both get stressed and react to events, especially things that are not natural to them. The super importance of PH levels, what changes PH levels, and how acid PH is poison to plants because water IS their blood, and its vital to understanding plant health. 
Its hard for people to understand bc they don't recognize subtle changes; when a plant or tree is sick the signs are subtle to most people, but if you pay attention to detail you'll see first hand the shocking challenges plants & the environment are experiencing.

Its my experience growing up poor on a farm, working as a mechanic and machinist, then in the woodstove business learning bioenergy, as well as growing commercial marijuana that has taught me the science and real life issues facing the world.  But is was having a son born with deadly allergies and asthma that fueled me to wakeup from being a mindless idiot consumer, to someone who questioned the insanity that is driving up rates of children born with asthma and allergies from on in a million 100 years ago, to now one in five. Its sad to see more Autism too, increasing from practically one in a million 100 years ago to one in fifty today.  Notice they always look for a cure, never a cause of diseases, with the one exception being cigarettes getting the blame for all the cancers in the world. 

Knowing the world could very well come to end within 50-100 years because of the actions of man is a terrible burden to carry on its own, but its indescribably frustrating when the majority of people have been dumbed down into complete Idiots in complete denial of what the world is facing. I suspect subliminal messaging via music TV movies, cell-towers WIFI and satellite radio waves, chemicals in food and water is affecting people. I was once one of those Idiots, we all were, but we need to wake people up from the spell we've all be put under. do or die. Capitalism has the world under its spell, Corporations rule mankind.  

The Truth is at the polar opposite of what people have been "Programed" to "think". Their propaganda machine is vital to keep all people ignorant and confused to the actual issues for a number of reasons;
First; must keep people arguing so people don't band together; We can end this insanity instantly, easier than most people realize; we the people are elephants tied down with a string to our toes. 
Second; is bc they need to keep the oil flowing for the obvious reason< TO KEEP THE WARS AND PROFITS GOING. 
history soon to repeat: first famine starve billions, sheople will be easily wiped into war, soon sending your sons to slaughter.
Third reason; to send the world into WWIII, eventually NUKE the world bc the world is dead anyways, they knew it long ago.  
BECAUSE they have destroyed the world. Consider these assholes are just itching to use all these fancy nukes.
Ultimate game; Understand this is all a giant chess game to these psycho's, with us as the pawns; blood-sport/ Satan Worship 
AND Forth;  bc they can be held criminally and financially liable IF we the people were to rise up; David Verses Goliath.

Their lies are exacerbated by constant lies and half truths being planted; today's media is owned and controlled "programing". Every single government organization and group, including both sides of issues & parties have been infiltrated spied and sabotaged to keep organizations impotent. Endless fake organizations with unlimited funds created as a distraction from the real problem; these sick sadistic Satanists Elites, have knowingly, and intentionally, destroyed the earth, I believe simply bc they seek to destroy and humiliate God and God's Creation. Zionists focus on bring to Fruition the Book Of Revelations. Ask yourself how people can be so Evil? Millions of people recognize God in this world,  but not one man recognize the Evil/Devil in the world, people even defend it. Often times its only one or two people who are responsible, its disturbing how one man can be responsible for so much death & destruction in the world with so many people. I often ask myself why someone didn't just walked up and planted lead in the head of people like Stalin who murdered millions. . 

        "We know they tell lies, they know we know they know they tell lies, Stalin smiles and waves knowing"  Apocalypse Stalin
             [A Russian citizen listening to Stalin making boisterous public speeches on Lenin's Tomb while millions were starving to death] 

No one could be this stupid to "accidently" "destroy the world" "woops" "I didn't do it",
Simple common sense; If you or I were politicians we'd make choices that benefit the Community's best interest yah? 
Instead the political "norm" is to join a "Party", "tow the line" and not question anything, allow unlimited corporate lobbying to influence politicians in favor of corporations and capitalism that makes it so people can't afford homes or a decent life. It doesn't matter how it affects the community or environment. Government's new "norm" is to fabricate whatever "science" they need to manipulate any situation to an advantage by subjugating scientist. through licensing and funding. 

We all grow up believing that we can trust out governments to look after us and our communities, most of us as adults are focused on trying to survive, forget about having to worry about corrupt governments and state of the world.   
"Never forget everything Hitler did was Legal" MLK Jr.

The research and facts reveal that its all being intentionally destroyed by sick sadistic assholes who know what the future holds; they're building underground cities, growing meat/protein in a dish and GMO plants to grow in warehouses bc soon that's the only place crops will grow; which is why they "need" to reduce the world population. Meanwhile these Evil Capitalist who profit and get off on the destruction of the world constantly keep planting lies and half truths to keep people arguing so it all keeps going  around and around in circle/matrix of Fiction; a world of Artificial Persons aka Corporations.  

Indeed Corporations are  Psychotics;   "If corporations are indeed "persons," their mental condition can accurately be described as pathological. Corporations have no innate moral impulses, and in fact they exist solely for the purpose of making money. As such, these "persons" are systemically driven to do whatever is necessary to increase revenues and profits, with no regard for ethical issues that might nag real people." [corporations are considered "persons"]

We are living in the darkest of times, far darker than previous dark ages. You must realize the system has been rigged; corporations only exist in FICTION [pretend-no consequences-no limits] 
All governments operate as a corporation, so every action is in fiction; to them there are no consequences, just start the game over again. Lawlessness dominates governments so no one is held accountable.
There is a way to Kill A Corporation via "Attacking the Bond/License; BC they are a fiction they can't operate under their own commercial liability; Every Public-Servant Government-Body and Corporation is required to have both insurance aka "Bond" and a License to operate that indemnifies their actions. Little known defense against almost any of their crimes is to file a "claim" to their Indemnifier. Because Courts and Judges have no conscious of the reality the world faces, subjugated by secret societies. Legal action is almost a dead end bc of corrupt courts/system, the alternative is "Attack the Bond". 

HERE IN REALITY:  The world is a delicate balance of many many different cycles and systems, each interconnected, existing for millions of years in Harmony.  The systems have been affected by events in the past like the huge asteroid wiping out the dinosaur's age, so yes the earth has always changed through time, but nothing like man has changed Earth in his short time.

Early clear cutting of forest and redirecting water 5000 years ago demonstrates the reality/truth; For every action there is an equal reaction-man can and does affect the natural cycles of Earth. Over time man has increasingly affected the natural cycles, 
the majority of the damage done in last 200 years from industrialization & wars. Modern Example; Due to man's clearcutting and development  of the Amazon Rainforest it's nearing collapse, producing more CO2 than it absorbs.  It's amazing how one man can destroy the Amazon Forest and other ecosystems with the flick of pen, [& pocketing a few million in corporate lobbying] 

One of the biggest lies propagated on the masses is that "man can not affect the earth or  its cycles, the earth is to big" ; in turn convincing people to keep self indulging, being complete idiots, consumers, keeping the cycles of profits growing.
Other Idiots argue that bc many places are getting record cold weather, that "global warming" is a hoax, but the science shows why many places are getting colder, and why some places are warmer, dryer, and some places flooding and extreme snow fall. 

Science; [imagine that] shows us what is happening with the air streams and how a chain reaction of increased GHG increased temperatures melting polar Ice is stalling the Polar winds knows a "Polar Vortex".  Its playing havoc with world weather bc NORMALLY the polar vortex was kept stable by extreme cold Polar Ice caps driving the winds, [diagram on left] but as temperatures increased and polar ice caps melted, slowing airstreams to what we see in the diagram on right. Look out the window to see the crazy unpredictable weather, look around the world. Make an effort to educate yourself, stop blindly listening to morons like Peterson who really is no expert in climate change, its about perception on paper with these useless pricks.
Problem with all these "experts" is they have everything figured out to the last point, but in their madness working with blinders on, how is anyone to come to the proper conclusion when they leave out key factors like Acids ands UV changes?

Did you know the weather system is the biggest engine on earth? Temperature differences drives Polar Vortex, when it was much colder before fossil fuels increased the worlds temperature, starting a chain reaction of melting ice and warming temperatures that wasn't naturally supposed to start for another 100 000 or more. Trillions and trillions of tons of extra GHG every year prematurely warmed the atmosphere, which melted large amounts of the thick ice in Arctic and Greenland that served as a cold-sink so the ide held the cold. Antarctic ice has had portioons of the 44 million year old Ice that has NEVER EVER melted before, has never ever melted on its own, 44 million year old, 6 miles deep ice, kinda proves the world has never been this warm in 44 million years-yah?

please imagine the Artic Polar Vortex is a spinning toy top; the cold temperatures radiating off the ICE kept the top spinning constantly, for 44 millions years. But bc fossil fuel GHG and Acids fried the ozone have warmed up the world like sticking ice cream in a microwave, there is less and less cold driving the Polar vortex. What happens to the toy top before it stops< it starts to wobble for a few minutes, then it stops and falls over-yah? That's what's happening to the Artic Polar Vortex; its wobbling as its slowing down, as in picture on right...eventually it along with the oceans currents, are going to collapse/stop. THEEEENNN the world resets its self into an ice age. My guess is it could be within 20-50 years, or sooner bc as the world gets closer to "the real great reset" everything is speeding up more and more, could be 10-20 years.    

Lets take a look at what's happing with the Oceans; the oceans covers 2/3 of the world; life began in the Oceans, and the oceans currents control the weather and produce most of the worlds Oxygen while absorbing CO2
Today's Oceans have been decimated; many species wiped out, ecosystems on the verge of total collapse. 
 over fished, used as a dumping grounds for everything from ww bombs and ammo left over from wars, to mining waste and garbage.  Not just life is being wiped out of the Oceans, but the ability to sustain life is being destroyed through toxic contamination and acidification. 

Kelp  and Seaweed are plants that play an important part in the health of the oceans, huge forests cleaning the oceans and soaking up CO2 while producing Oxygen. The plants support many organisms and creatures, but the warming planet is killing kelp unlike ever before. Instead of warming taking millions of years like in the past, allowing the ecosystems to adapt, man raised the worlds temperature faster than ever before, with the worst of it being in the last 50years. Man's apatite for fossil fuels wars and industrial development of toxic substances like refrigerants eating the ozone is truly psychotic. If I were the Devil, I'd do exactly what is being done. 

Yet strangely enough the world has been largely indifferent to obvious psychotic behavior. Entire cities thick with smog, chemical industrial pollution of the water land and air, cancer and disease rates skyrocketing. Its one thing for citizens to be ignorant of the problems the world faces, but the Professors and Doctors with big educations who should have sounded the alarm, whom are the gate keepers of right and wrong, science and facts have been subjugated much the same way politicians have. Many of the the so called "educated" have even create counter movements, funded by big oil, arguing everything is fine, 450 ppm CO2 is great, to keep people ignorant confused and arguing for as long as possible while the war machines and their unquenchable thirst for oil to drive the war machines and coal to smelter steel for endless war machines marches on. Meanwhile these Evil Greedy assholes knew all along what they were doing to the world

Coral, a foundation organism is dying/bleaching on a huge scale; today up to 80% of the coral world wide is dead, along with it the thousands of plants and animals that depended on the coral.  "Although they cover barely 0. 2% of the ocean’s surface, coral reefs are home to 30% of marine biodiversity! For fish & other marine animals, corals are real shelters against predators, but also a reproduction and nursery area for many species. Coral are the essential foundation of marine life in the tropics.

Now lets look at the FACTS of Global Warming...Green House Gas {GHG} control the heat on the entire earth; man's infatuation with toxic fossil fuels has changed the scale of GHG in the Atmosphere, which in turn affects every living thing on the planet by changing the environment very very quickly, more quickly than any another time in history; Plants are not able to adjust which is why we see the plants under extreme stress as proved above. Making things worse is the change in PH levels to ACID,
together with the buildup of GHG increases the temperatures; lets look at the physical evidence; 

- Change in weather; anyone older than 50 can attest to how much different the weather has gotten over the years. 
some places like the west coast winters are warmer, while back east winters are colder bc for every action there is an equal reaction, some places get warmer causing other places to get colder, one drives the other< Natural Law

- Extreme weather events; super storms like the one that flooded lower mainland of BC and wiped out all roads in a day of extreme rain after an extreme dry period previous to the storm. Many places around the world  are experiencing extreme rainfall that is flooding whole cities. Other end of the scale there are super forest fires starting earlier, burning larger and hotter than ever before in history bc its hotter dryer and most vegetation is next to dead.  

- increased GHG = increased temperature yah?< Atmosphere CO2 going from 300ppm to over 400ppm in 100 years is warming the planet yah?< which melts ice; hence the worlds glaciers and Poles are melting yah? so we can all admit the worlds ice is melting more and more bc of GHG increasing, trapping more heat yah? if you get stuck ask a kid in grade school to explain 4U  

-Then there's the elephant in the room< Methane, which no "scientist" dare mention the evils of  "natural" gas methane. "scientists" are only allowed to demonize cow farts/methane as governments worldwide declare war on farming while praising "natural" gas. "The earth's atmospheric methane concentration has increased 260% since pre-industrial 1880's"  methane as a GHG is quite impressive; 50Xs more dense than CO2. [hey climate change deniers-do plants breathe methane?]

-Refrigerants; well known for their destructive nature; people thought they'd been stopped, but only in hair spray; fridges and air conditioners still use refrigerants, just  not quite as bad as CFC, but considering how much MORE refrigerant is used today in fridges air conditioners, industrial and commercial, heat pumps. New refrigerants are still harmful as GHG even though its only for a few days before it breaks down instead of years, but the massive and constant inundating of the the planet with these refrigerants has saturated the stratosphere with GHG, and as a bonus, poison; rapid break down of chemicals saturates the rain poisoning everything it touches
[that's so the climate deniers can have air condition in their pickup on while they drive through Starfucks ;) ]

-Elephant #2- Acidification and warming of the body's of water and rain water, vegetation in oceans and on land die, corals die, habitat dies, all life dies, creates acid rain, which then plants can't absorb nutrients, they get sick and are unhealthy and die too,  animals eat the low grade vegetation, they get sick unhealthy and die, and we eat... 
&, um, plants apparently, are supposed to breathe in CO2 & out Oxygen, but if their all sick & dying then that's not happening. 

last but not leastworld glaciers and poles are melting at extreme rates, faster and faster;
  < Greenland has lost over half of its ice since 2002 >
  < Greenland and Antarctic contain 90% of the world's ice >
  < Arctic sea ice has been reduced vastly in last 30 years affecting weather and temperatures >
  < Antarctic is the most impressive and important places on earth; It's ice is 2.5 miles thick, 600 miles wide and 4-10 million   
     years old. [wow! that is impressive] 80% of the worlds fresh water is contained with its ice. [4-8 million year old ice,  yet in 
     the next 100 years the majority of the ice may be gone, [a lousy 300 years man has destroyed 4 million year old ice..wow!]
   Though before all the Antarctic ice is able to melt, the world will be thrown into another ice-age in a continuous cycle of reset.     Which explains why Antarctic ice has never completely melted even though there has been extinction events before,  & why 
   ice is millions of years old.  CO2 levels have fluctuated as high as 700ppm through time, but people forget Oxygen levels 
   where also extremely high too, which is why the dinosaurs & plants of their time were so huge; its all about balancing the 
   scales. There are reasons why, man will never know, only mother nature has the plans and instructions to the secret of life. 
Antarctic's massive amounts of Ice regulates the worlds Ocean currents, world weather, and in turn world temperatures
GHG from fossil fuels has driven a heating trend in last 20 years that has melted a large percentage of the worlds ice in a VERY short time, and its speeding up like a runaway train, with record temperatures set with each consecutive year.  
A combination of the fresh water from glaciers melting into the salty ocean and the warm temperatures are affecting the worlds currents, which affects all life on the planet. The world will probably be sent into an ice age with most weather systems collapsing and with it most life as we know it. no more seasons, no more plants, no more animals, no more crops. 

Now are you starting to understand why "they" are building underground cities, moon and Mars exploration, growing meat in a dish, and planning to reduce the world's population to a few million through starvation wars and the Jab? "they" know exactly what is going to happen when the air currents and ocean currents collapseIts been said the world is a living being, man a parasite, killing its Host. We can see growing violence in the weather and changes in climates recently, and they're getting more frequent and larger in scale bc of increase in global temperatures driving bigger storms and more moisture. The last few years extreme weather has been decimating all parts of the world constantly, floods droughts fires crop failures homes destroyed people killed. People deny the world is disintegrating into complete chaos bc we've been given a false sense of security for many years. We MUST change our destructive "programing" bc until people wake up to reality, to the Evil,  things can not begin to change for the better. Unfortunately the world has reached a tipping point and probably nothing can be done, so enjoy these last few years with family while we can.   

“The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there is one” Will Mcavoy

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, 
it is violently opposed. Third, it's accepted as being self-evident."

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Electric Heating Climate Change For Idiots

Notice the super light green grass & trees; unable to absorb nutrients bc of acid rain water; now almost every time it rains the water is acidic PH; plants starve to death unable to absorb Nitrogen, the main building block of plant growth. Notice water from rivers lakes and your hose are still 7 PH-nuetral, so you can tell which people  water their trees and plants bc they're still dark green and healthy; undeniable evidence that indeed water PH varies and is affecting plants
Deciduous trees showing signs of extreme stress as early as May and June when they should be dark green and lush. All vegetation of all kinds are affected, this is how you know its not a bug or mold killing one type as we've seen with the beetle kill affecting only pine trees.  
June and July Maple trees leaves are brown from two things; one is the Acid PH affecting its ability to absorb nutrients, the other is the extreme UV and Radiation from the sun bc the Ozone has been fried from Fossil fuel Acids and the wars and bombs and industrialization and extreme consumerism driving Capitalism. This is happening to all types of plants in every part of the world on some level. Not every tree or plant is like this yet, but a large portion of plants are affected. I've notice in last couple years everything is very light green or brown
In the fall the leaves don't turn yellow and red like the old days, they turn brown, often not falling, trees such as maple and others now keep leaves all winter long so it can absorb the nutrients back in, essentially feeding off its self :( its called Marcescence that usually was only for Oak trees, but bc of the lack of ability to absorb nutrients maples and other trees are now keeping their leaves all winter longThese subtle signs that go unnoticed by everyone racing around in their own world, indifferent to reality. Each year year getting worse, little by little...until the whole system of Flora and Fauna ceases to be able to sustain its self because of the meddling of man, because of the acids and poisons and ghg wreaking havoc! on the atmosphere which affects every living thing on earth  :(
Coniferous trees which make up most of northern hemisphere of the world are dying in huge numbers; consider how much CO2 healthy trees absorb, but also how much oxygen they produce. These trees also don't drink the water they used to, resulting in wide spread flooding in spring and then to add insult to injury, the extra hot dry summers create a fire bomb of pitch just waiting for an idiot with a cigarette to ignite it all. 
Just like all living things, the young are the most vulnerable; look along the highways in the mountains, young tree's are struggling. forest fires raging worse that ever before in Alberta, stay tuned next year will be even worse...but its not your home, so yah climate change is fake eh. 
Cedar Trees, like all vegetation, are being decimated too, also closely related shrubs and junipers are all dying a slow death, waiting to be ignited. Super Forest fires are only going to get worse and worse...consuming huge amounts of precious oxygen. 
Pine trees should be dark as jade, but their sick and starving, unhealthy, waiting for death...like your children waiting for the end of the world...imagine what the world will be like for your children in 2075
idiots in air conditioned homes rarely think of anyone but themselves, though consider you can move out of the sun and extreme heat domes, but plants obviously can't move, so they sit in the extreme UV and radiation from the sun bc the ozone has been fried. Often people get sunburnt in 30 minutes these days; so now imagine you are a tree...how do YOU feel? Every time I hear an idiot say more fossil fuel  CO2 is a good thing for plants,  I want to reach out and wrap my hands around their fucking neck :(                        You'll notice I don't hold back on calling out "scientists" "dr"s and "professors" who's job it is to alert the world and government;
 look at the condition of the vegetation around the world...does it look like its happy and healthy assholes??!!!
At what point are people going to pull their heads from their ass, look at the reality, the real world, the dead & dying world...hello?? 

"oh but I read a paper.... that says ....their doing mind control ....to dominate the world, yah and climate change is not real....bc I read a paper and watched a video that says its all a lie...and and Jordan Peterson said climate change is a lie, so yah, its all a lie, the world is in great condition- who wants to go to Timmy's drive through in my new 1 Ton diesel pickup?" says an ignorant insensative Idiot 
So where are the experts, why are the professors and scientist quiet as church mice to such obvious issues? The sad situation is that universities and all the so called "educated" have all been subjugated by government and corporations; so instead of raising the alarm and speaking out publicly, advise and warn government forcing government to act legally. These assholes like Jordan Peterson whom should know better, down play many of the serious issues, such as growing number of extreme weather events, melting glaciers, dead coral & kelp, acid rain, increasing ghg & their affects, rising rates of cancers & sicknesses, degradation of the flora and fauna systems, deforestation & contamination of the oceans that is quite obvious to anyone with grade school education. In fact most fifth graders have a better understanding of the issues the world faces than Jordan Peterson or most university professors. The Few Professors whom do try to speak out or raise the alarm are quickly & quietly squished by Elites running/ruining the education system. 
Just in case people have forgotten wtf a healthy plant is supposed to look like; dark green, no curling or browning of foliage. These plants are in Burnaby Central Park in Vancouver BC; the almost constant rain helps offsets the acid rain as the water soaks into the ground where it can turn alkaline when mixed with the soils. Also the fact that the trees are old growth, standing 200 feet in the air shields the vegetation below and each other, so they shade each other from extreme UV and radiation from sun during the dry hot season. The fact that Vancouver is one of the rainiest cities helps some [old growth] vegetation mitigate the issues of acid rain and extreme UV and radiation by way of almost constant cloud cover in fall winter and spring, and often most of summer, coupled with excess rainfall that absorbs into the soils where it can change from acid to alkaline allowing the plants to absorb nutrients properly. 
Don't you find it strange a little shit hole country like Holland is front and center blaming farmers and animals for climate change? Corporations like the Dutch East Trading company have been around for thousands of years passed down to each generation of Degenerate, manipulating the world from behind the "curtain". Which is why we see Holland of all places, being one of the first to ban fertilizers and farming; blaming animals and agriculture for destroying the world. They say it's not the wars fueled by oil and industry, but the world's Military annual budget could have made every single man woman & child on  earth a millionaire; imagine a world where everyone would have a home & food on the table.          
Its ironic that the "Greatest Nation" in the world is the biggest shit hole of the world; corruption lawlessness fraud gangs crime drugs mass shootings and homelessness dominate United States Society. Corporations "lobby" billions, even trillions to governments in the name of Capitalism, then label it Democracy, Truly the Devil is in the details.

"Energy use in the earliest complex civilizations was limited to burning wood and crop residues, and even during the first centuries of the common era the average annual energy consumption in the Roman Empire was no higher than 10 billion joules (GJ) per capita (Smil 2010).2  By 1800 the British in 1900 the average US per capita energy supply (fossil fuels and wood) had surpassed 130 GJ (Schurr and Netschert 1960). A century later the largest EU countries were, much like Japan, at about 170 GJ, while the US and Canadian per capita supply of primary energy was around twice that rate (BP 2011). All of these rates are for gross energy inputs: because of vastly improved energy conversion efficiencies, the levels in terms of actually available useful energy were in all of these instances at least three times higher

These comparisons make it clear that the human species has been highly productive. In its quotidian mental detachment from nature, modern civilization sees that its fortunes depend on securing incessant and affordable supplies of modern forms of energy in general and fossil fuels in particular (hence the concerns about “running-out” or “peak oil”), and on the availability of a wide range of non-energy minerals. But first things first: photosynthesis will always remain the most important energy conversion on Earth, and without newly formed plant tissues (phytomass) no heterotrophic life—whether the simple unicellular solitary organisms or complex insect, mammalian, and human societies—would be possible. HELLLLOOOOOO,,, CAN YOU COMPREHEND THE SITUATION??!!
Our phytomass harvests go beyond the metabolic needs to secure raw materials (wood, fibers, pulp) and energy (fuelwood, charcoal, straw) whose inputs remain indispensable even in the age of metals, concrete, synthetics, and fossil fuels. The biosphere has paid a considerable price for these human gains as both its total stock of standing phytomass and its overall productivity have declined by significant margins."  read this< "Harvesting the Biosphere, The Human Impact" 

So lets stop for a minute and ponder the reality of all this so far shall we; Plants produce oxygen while absorbing CO2 and also toxins, cleaning the air and water.... but nooooww the majority of the worlds vegetation have almost stopped absorbing CO2 and producing Oxygen bc they are extremely sick.  A large portion of plants will soon be dead...unless the acid rain and extreme UV are stopped; but no one even acknowledges the world's flora and fauna are on the verge of collapse.
 [NOT ONE FUCKING "EDUCATED" ASSHOLE HAS EVEN MENTIONED THE  PROBLEM OF  ACIDIFICATION OF RAINWATER]  All Hell will soon break loose bc when plants stop absorbing CO2, and man keeps pumping trillions of tons of more CO2 and acids and methane from fossil fuels, the GHG balloon WILL burst...and at the other end of the scale, when these same plants stop producing trillions and trillions of tons of Oxygen, it really gets interesting ..and then just for shits and giggles, add in world wide super forest fires consuming huge tracks of oxygen.  Are you starting to comprehend AAALLL the issues now?
no your're not MR climate denier...bc you watched a video of some professor who says everything is fine, you don't "believe" anything is wrong. 

To the sceptics who say CO2 is a good thing bc plants breathe CO2, which at first glance is true, plants normally thrive in hi density CO2 situations, but NOT when the PH LEVEL of rainwater is almost always acidic dumb ass!; you try drinking water from your tail pipe, see how long you live. People forget that oil and gas are half water; the water you see pouring from exhaust pipes and the steam you see from your furnace in winter is ALL water vapor ...ACID WATER!  "1 gallon natural gas burned in a ventless heater will produce 2 gallons of water" how much acid water has been injected into the alkaline atmosphere in last 200 years and what affect do you think it has? And to think the world COULD have avoided it all back in 1800's when clean smog-less electricity was dominating society and could have powered the world. Its amazing how many so called "scientist" ignore what's happening around the world, pretend 400ppm+ CO2 is great, ignorantly ignoring the science by cherry-picking facts. 

These assholes know exactly what they are doing, bc no one could be that fucking stupid; anyone presented with the facts can come to a more realist conclusion than these assholes pretending to know. These "experts" are already arbitrarily slaughtering the worlds farm animals, BUT, the whole point of Flora and Fauna is that they are interconnected, dependent on one another; one can NOT exist without the other. Animals eat the vegetation then shit out the very fertilizers plants NEED to sustain life. The Methane from animals these assholes claim is destroying the world is part of the natural cycles; plant grow, animals eat the plants, chemical reaction happens, energy is harvested while the manure is the waste expelled, with gases  life is cycled... even if animals didn't eat the grass there would still  chemical break down, just much slower, end result is still methane bc after a plant stops growing it decays...in the decomposition there is methane...hello its the same break down of plants "educated" people. PROOF: the new "gimmick" [make it look like  their doing something meanwhile increasing fossil fuel shipments] from government is to "capture" methane from food waste and plant material as it decays in landfills...hello? 
The other thing worth mentioning is that methane from vegetation is completely different than methane from gas oil and coal, bc fossil fuel is contaminated with acidic minerals soaked up underground..not one "professor" has ever done a comparison between methane from animals and methane from "natural" gas. Meanwhile governments and corporations are REALLY the ones to blame, and there is proof to prove it, but of course no one cares about the facts. Most things from under ground are acidic...most things above ground are alkaline. But scientists would know this if they weren't so focused on building better bombs and weapons; no one questions why there a race to get to mars or the moon to set up a "new beginning" 

Flora and Fauna dependency has been proven in the worst way; there was this "educated" privileged Prick "Scientist" Allan Savory who convinced the African government that animals are destroying the grasslands, way back in the 80's. So this asshole SHOT 40 000 Elephants!, whole generations wiped out, only to realize that, woops its the opposite; animals including elephants are responsible for grass lands life, without that fertilizer the grasslands died, the rains stopped, the earth died turned to desert. Cattle are the answer not the problem.  Today he is a doing his best to educate the "professionals" about the facts, though falling on deaf ears bc no one cares. 

Oxygen concentrations are currently declining at roughly 19 per meg per year, or about 4 ppm per year. One "per meg" indicates one molecule out of 1,000,000 oxygen molecules, or roughly one molecule in 4.8 million molecules of air.

Oxygen Depletion
We are occasionally reminded that fossil fuel burning is depleting atmospheric oxygen at a rate of almost 1000 tons per second. There are about 32 million seconds in a year, so that somewhere around 30 billion tons of O2 are being converted to CO2 annually. There are about 1,200,000 billion metric tons of O2 in the atmosphere, so we can keep burning fossil fuels at the present rate for 40,000 years before we run out of oxygen. By then, all of the world's fossil fuel supply will have long since been exhausted. For a more complete, but less detailed, discussion of this topic see Et tu 02 by Wallace Broecker."  
"duh how much oxygen do electric cars trucks trains use dude?" "Spicoli~Fast times at Ridgemont High"

The Article makes the assumption that the worlds vegetation is NOT being clear cut, is NOT under stress and dying from acids and UV. 
"They" say "plant a tree", but if trees can't grow bc of extreme UV and radiation, acid rains, droughts, floods, forest fires, capitalism clear cutting, how is the worlds Flora going to have a chance? Don't forget the super forest fires happening around the world too; it takes 15 parts air to one part fuel for combustion. Add in Chemical reaction of cement and other chemicals eating up "tons" of air too.  

Starting to get the picture of what a collapse of flora and fauna is going to look like? within 50 years there will be "dead zones" where there is no oxygen much the same as there are dead zones in the Oceans and lakes happening already. Perhaps its already happening, huge numbers of birds are dropping dead all at once for no reason all over the world. People don't realize the oceans and lakes produced most of the worlds oxygen, aanndd absorb most of the worlds CO2. 
I get a kick out of movies like Mad Max where at the end of world, there are no trees and no life, no flora or fauna, yet people can breathe and stay out in sun constantly....lol... ignorance is truly bliss :( [unless you're one of the unlucky ones just born into this]

There is a huge problem of people being misled to think climate change is fake, even in the "woke" community people have read  "a secret paper". These "papers" may outline things that have happened, but in no way is HARPP controlling the weather.. it may be able to do some things, but people are like, "see that cloud, that storm, that flood, that dry spell, that's HARPP, they are controlling the weather to wipe out crops and starve the world" " In early years every country experimented manipulating the weather, but found they are limited to what they can and can't do to a small scale. If they could zap everyone's mind and control the weather constantly they wouldn't need spend trillions on jets missiles and bombs would they...every country could just ZAP! each other wouldn't they? 
But if we look at the science and evidence, facts and indicators, much of it adds up to them more likely trying to mitigate the damage they've done. Chemtrails are done as a type of sun screen to try to help the vegetation screen from extreme UV and radiation. In the end all its doing is buying the world time if the psycho's don't stop their wars and infatuation with fossil fuels. Fact is IF they stopped the wars and fossil fuel and industrialization tomorrow the earth can repair its self; forest fires volcano's plants and storms clean and re alkalize nature. they are the building blocks of all life, how life began as we know it. Chernobyl nuclear melt down has been reborn by nature. 

Also consider if "they" admitted the world's Flora and Fauna are collapsing, leading to catastrophic changes that destroys the world and everything in it as we know, it it would send the worlds populations into panic, insanity, lawlessness and chaos. But Notice their wars are escalating more than normal, and burning of fossil fuels faster than ever before. Plans to double current oil & gas shipments; BC fast tracked a 50$ billion pipeline with tax payers money that is going to triple oil shipments...the "government" did this...using taxpayer money. LNG pipelines are also being built "like they were gong out of style" with LNG ports being built in BC....and no shortage of endless "idiots" cheering every step of the way, with political sell out Pricks like Pierre Poilieve  pledging "more" pipelines!

But lets look for real tangible evidence for what's really going on... well the condition of vegetation is pretty big evidence wouldn't you say?<start noting the health of vegetation, test the PH of rain water and snow, have it checked in a lab for contaminates. Watch  both at home and abroad, in movies and TV programs, traveling, all reveals the truth for all to see plain as day. your common senses are all that are needed. A friend had his garden dirt tested, found high levels of barium and aluminum. the evidence is everywhere, just wake up Dorthey, your not in Kansas anymore. 

There is other evidence, all one needs to do is look up in the sky; planes flying back and forth, seemingly no destination, laying a grid back and forth, every 20 minutes, crisscrossing the sky, flying lower than commercial jets. Often you can hear them ...sounds like rockets. Often multiple planes. Its not every day, usually on hot sunny days, nights too. I've noticed them since 2010, but movies and TV shows reveal they've been happening longer, since around 2000, world wide "chem-trail" planes shooting aerosols of barium aluminum and even things like coal dust as a way of blocking the extreme UV's and Radiation from the sun...a "sun screen" as it were.  I'm amazed at how many people deny chemtrails just like I'm amazed at the number of people who took the "jab" and followed the government narratives without question< brainwashed/programed 
The importance of the Ozone and layers of Stratosphere are VITAL to the earth's ability to thrive, "they" say the Ozone has been repaired, but if that were true, wtf are there constant chemtrails on hot days that block the UV; notice when they don't spray the sun burns in 20 minutes
The entire world is experiencing similar issues of extreme UV, radiation and Acidic rain slowly killing almost all vegetation. The only vegetation that is still healthy is from being watered by man, bc irrigation water from rivers and lakes is still Alkaline. If you want to protect your trees and grass, water heavily from the city water or well water. Do not use rain water for consumption bc of chemtrails; look up, use your sense of sight and sound.  Pay attention to TV and movies background from around the world to find evidence of what's happening around the rest of the world's vegetation. Movies like "kill me three times" reveals similar issues in Australia's vegetation being leached of their nutrients.  
Many farmer's fields are not looking to healthy; these are the people who feed the animals who feed us; we are what we eat.  How long till this unhealthy situation makes animals sick in large numbers, then trickles down to affecting human health? 
In time many animals are going to start dying in large numbers, which is perhaps why "they" are starting to "cull" all animals
Its not EVERY field or tree yet, but more and more every day/year as fossil fuels are still increasing, damaging, ignored. 
They intentionally will not build EV's that travel 1000miles on single charge bc everyone would want one, cause a crash of the economy bc its centered on oil and plastic; Capitalism's scheme  focuses on using as much energy and material and getting every man woman and child working for a corporation making useless shit for no other reason than profit. Few remember when they made things to last, or remember what it was like for mom to stay home and only the father went to work, able to live, buy a home & support the family on 40 hours a week. 
Its all the rage to fearmonger and blame EV's for crashing the electrical grid when capitalism whole existence focuses on using as much energy as possible, building homes so large and inefficient they use three times the amount of energy needed. 
buildings can easily be built much much more efficient by using layers with air gaps in the construction so temperatures can not pass through. there would be a fraction of demand for heat and air conditioning energy, but far less profits. 

when plants and trees are under stress, when they know they are going to die because of environmental changes that can't support life, they go into seed mode called "stress induced seeding", producing massive amounts of seeds  in a self preservation  mode so when conditions get better [in a thousand years] their species will survive. Some Farmers are experiencing record crops bc of it, ignorant to why, celebrating even.