Kamloops Chimney Services Page 5
Welcome to my virtual store, unfortunately being a home based business I don't have a store front as I can only be at one place at a time and I have found sales people don't know the product well enough to answer questions properly. I only deal with Regency as well, I use to deal in several different manufactures, though unfortunately the cheaper models have warranty problems so instead of having to replace appliances and deal with inadequate stoves I have decided to offer only the best. Regency is by far the best manufacture on the market and they happen to be made right hear in B.C. There are many features that set Regency apart from the competition.
1- The firebox is thicker than most on the market & it is one complete piece of high grade alloy with out                seams, guaranteed for life not  to fail unlike cheaper models that have failed in as little as one year.
2- The firebox is completely lined with fire brick including the upper baffle, easy and cheap to replace, other        manufactures leave exposed metal in the walls to crack & the upper baffles made of steal that warp easily.
3- Door gasket is thick highgrade ceramic rope with stitched ends for years of trouble free use,the only part of       the stove that's not guaranteed by any manufactures for more than a year, yet I double it from 1 to 2years.
4- Door latch is the heaviest on the market for years of constant use, thickest that I have seen on any stove.
5- Beautiful metallic black paint is very attractive and tough.
6- Door it's self is a thick (1.5") cast iron with a large ceramic glass and air wash system so it stays clean,               unlike some others that use a thin pot metal, causing the doorlatch system to fail before the life of the stove.
7- Inserts come with a two speed fan(low is whisper quiet) that includes a thermostat  turning them selves on/       off for worry free operation. I personally double the warrantee to two years as well, as they are high quality.
I2400 fireplace insert,burns 8-10 hrs
75 000 BTU, 3.4grms/hr emission
designed to fit into most existing masonry fireplaces, shown with full gold door, trim, and convection grills
zero clearance factory built for new homes.70 000 BTU
step top medium 75 000 BTU shown with optional gold door, 8hr burn
F3100 shown with optional legs & gold accent.80 000 BTU 21"log size
I1200 small insert show with nickel accent. 55 000 BTU still able 18"log
perfect for small rooms or homes
zero clearance factory built with 2ft long viewing window
designed for new homes, replacing inefficient masonry
fireplaces with 71% efficiency
These are the most common models that I sell, there are more styles available at "regency-fire.com", go to the wood stove section to see descriptions and all available options and models. I offer a free estimate in the Kamloops area to help with choosing and placement of appliances. You don't even have to have a have a existing chimney, in fact the excel chimneys are superior to masonry chimneys and can be placed any where in the home and they are guaranteed for life. These appliances should never have chimney fires, emit smoke upon bring up to tempatures and use 2-3 cord to heat a 2400 square foot home for a entire winter season.