Kamloops Chimney Services About Us
Hello, I am known as Brian-Arthur of the Alexander family,  a Sovereign raised in Falkland on a small farm as a child, then moving to Kamloops as a teenager.  After Highschool i moved to Vancouver, working in the auto machinist and mechanic industry for 15 years. 

My passion as a teenager was cars and gas powered toys, many of us lived breathed and ate cars and 4x4's for years. I know all to well the emissions and toxic sludge auto industry has contributed to global warming and climate change, and I'm ashamed I was duped into spending every bit of spare energy glorifying hotrods. Becoming Sovereign you learn everything "they" created was to keep the masses dumbed down and consumers of as much useless crap as possible, focus our energy on bobbles instead of the man behind the curtain manipulating the stage for nothing more than his profit

In the 90's when my son was born with serious asthma and allergies, i learn to question and study things that affected people with allergies and health problems, learning today 1 in 5 children are born with serious allergies and asthma. 

I pledged to do as much as possible to help improve the air quality through education and information. I've tried interacting with governments and corporations, but quickly learned they place themselves above their laws they arbitrarily create;  blaming residential wood burning for being the worst polluters out of all the sources, not just for winter, but out of the whole year. 

Ever since then I've been doing all I can to educated residential wood burner's on how to burn cleanly and safely as well as trying to interact with government and corporations to get them to change their ignorant ways, though with little affect as government has placed its self above accountability, fabricating its own science on many fronts to suit its Hitler like Authority. 
"Never forget everything Hitler did was legal" MLK

Today as things are once again on the verge of imploding much the same as it did 1930's; most of us are just trying to survive; capitalists and capitalism have created a world in which we pay $15 for a single B grade pine/spruce 2x4 and both water and gas are over $2 a liter while Canada is thick with forest and floating on endless energy.. 

I refuse to raise my prices, bc  instead of capitalizing, charging as much as possible like most other companies, I'm for community, not for capitalizing; what good does money do anyone if others are suffering?  

I can see it plain as day, Capitalists are destroying society economy and environment, governments and corporations are never going to change;

Real change has to come from YOU and me. so lets start helping each other :)

Simply being mindful of how we live our lives; what we consumer, what materials we build our homes from, what types of energy we use for heating cooking and traveling. Being conscious of how much energy we use, not being wasteful.  

-majority of cloths are plastic - look for natural products 
-more plastic than wood in new homes and renovations- consider using natural products tile wood glas
-consider installing solar, buying an EV- offset those ICE toys and hotrods  
-new building and renovations remove gas furnaces and cook stoves, fireplaces 
-simply talking about changes society needs, leading by example 

The secret to life is to only use things that are part of the Natural world...anything above ground is part of the natural cycles, anything in the ground is toxic to the natural world.  Man's understanding of the big picture is the size of a fly on a elephants ass, man has no business taking energy in the form of oil coal gas uranium sulfur and other compounds and elements that are toxic to the world and releasing them into the Natural world. 

Einstein discovered many Natural laws; understanding that energy is not created or destroyed, energy simply changes forms; so then dare ask the question< how much energy has man taken that was buried deep underground by Nature and released it into the Natural world?  

Wood is one of the most natural forms of energy; fires spread nutrients and the building blocks of life, life on earth wouldn't exist without forest fires regenerating and rebirthing nature. Heating your home with wood is natural, the heat feels like the sun bc its energy from the sun stored within the wood.