Kamloops Chimney Services About Us
I am known as Brian of the Alexander family, raised in Falkland as a child then moving to Kamloops as a teenager.  After high school most of us wanted to get out and so I moved to Vancouver, my first love and passion was cars so I worked at a engine machine shop for a number of years, thus my email handle; cantransam.Though one day I found myself on unemployment, a friend told me of a job as a chimney sweep that paid cash money each day.
It turned out to be a great paying job and I loved driving around and meeting lots of different people. So from 1990-95 I worked as a chimney sweep, I also learned to do brick repair as with all the rain in Vancouver  there was a large demand for rain caps and brick repair for which is a lost trade as such I provide the only brick repair in the interior.
  I got aback into machining for a little while then my Grandfather fell victim to cancer, during the end of his battle I moved back to Kamloops to try and help in him with his affairs in 1996.
Again working as a mechanic and machinist in local shops was fed up with low paying jobs that carried allot of stress that I did not benefit from, I saw the need for a Chimney Service in Kamloops.
Thus in 1998 I started Champion Chimney Services, I vowed that I would provide honest  old fashion service at a fair price, my modo being "if your not satisfied I'm not satisfied" believing that the world is becoming a inhospitable place ware corporations and the almighty dollar came before customer satisfaction. I like being able to sleep at night ;).
In the last few years the technology in wood stoves has increased to a point were wood is now safe, clean and affordable and with the price of natural gas climbing and now the "Go Green" attitude it's even more attractive to the average citizen. The industry has taken a great step in that now contractors have to be certified as now I am certified as a WETT installer and inspector. WETT stands for " wood energy technical transfer"
I now take great pride in serving the people of Kamloops and surrounding areas as far as the Shuswap, Vavenby, Merit, Cach Creek and my services have expanded to sales and service of new clean burning, high efficiency stoves aswell as inspections of existing solid fuel appliances. Wood is in high demand with all the hydro and gas failers due to extreme weather in today's changing environment thanx to fossil fuels, and it's getting worse every year.