Typical mill producing heavy smoke 24~7 365 days a year, commercial companies  are allowed to break laws governing them. Whole valleys are saturated with stinky smoke simply because the Ministry of Environment ignores  it .
         Chimney cleaning $120 in town; includes cleaning & general inspection   

 There is nothing quite like the feeling of a wood fire on a cold day; as a tree grows it soaks up the suns energy, then when that wood is burnt that same warm sunny day energy is released just like it was the sun shining down on you in your home while its -20 outside. 

There is no greater satisfaction sitting in a warm home while its freezing outside, knowing you are the master of your domain; you don't have to worry when the power goes out relying on corporations, or be held captive by the ever increasing costs of corporate heat, not to mention the pollution and environmental damage corporate energy such as gas and electricity creates. Rest easy knowing you have an endless supply of clean carbon neutral energy that will never let you down in the worst storm. Sit back and enjoy the feeling of the suns rays radiating from your natural wood fire.

  Hello, I am Sovereign Brian of the Alexander family, here to serve you and your family in the Kamloops and interior of BC, providing you with the best service and information I can to keep your family safe and warm. I strive to give you that old fashion quality service that goes above and beyond by giving you as much value in advice and information as I do in physical work or products. I also try to keep my rates and prices reasonable and fair as I know the cost of living effects many of us negatively.  I have been a chimney sweep for past 20+ years and have learnt and seen the advantages and disadvantages first hand and I am here to offer that knowledge and service to you. 

I am a certified WETT inspector for code compliance and safety inspections throughout British Columbia. I also offer a wide selection of  products, sales and installation of wood burning appliances such as woods stoves and wood inserts into existing brick fireplaces, as well as installation of factory fireplaces for new home construction & pellet stoves. See my products page for a list of superior engineered  high quality Regency Products. 

I offer chimney cleaning services @ $120 cash for a local service call that includes one chimney cleaning and courteous inspection to let you know the condition of the appliance or ways to make it work better. I do service other communities though travel time and cost are applied, [example travel $150-200 to Clearwater or Merritt] though  you can often organize others in your community that need service or wait until I have others in your area to reduce travel costs if its not a rush. I do not accept credit or debit cards. I prefer cash but cheques in a pinch will work- receipts  are always issued for you records and insurance compliance. .

I specialize in installation and am WETT certified for installation of woodstoves, wood furnaces,  fireplaces, inserts and pellet appliances into new or existing homes. I can determine what is the best fit for you personally and offer free estimates and planning. I also offer top of the line products such as Regency that are premium appliances engineered to work smoothly for many trouble free years. Keep in mind most stoves produce the same heat and efficiency and are similar in cost; its the fine details that set appliances apart that determines how it performs and for how long it lasts. 

I also offer WETT inspections for your insurance company.

Contact me through email @ cantransam@aol.com or phone @ 250 851 5594 for any questions or to book an appointment. If you are looking for appliance for your home, I provide free local in home estimates to evaluate your needs and application individually.  

Please bare with me during the fall n winter seasons; it gets insanely busy, if I didn't return your call, or on the rare occasion I missed an appointment, I do apologize, it is not intentional. Please feel free to rattle my cage if I have not returned your call or missed an appointment.

    Wood burning technology has come a long way in the last few years, stoves of today  are  efficient,  using 2-3 cord in a typical season, burn cleaner than natural gas with the secondary burn cycle that injects air into the smoke causing it to continue burning 99% of the smoke before it enters the chimney  eliminating scary chimney fires and smelly exhaust, and extra work because EPA approved wood stoves use much less wood. In fact when the appliance is properly operated there is no smoke what so ever exiting the chimney. As a result of the advanced technology wood stoves and fireplaces will NEVER be banned in residential homes in Kamloops or any surrounding community. New homes are allowed to install wood appliances but they have to be clean burning appliances that meet emissions standards just like cars are required to. 

We all know from smoking cigarettes, and the media it gets that smoke is poisonous, smoking cigarettes is similar to burning wood, in fact any fuel that is derived from biology is what we call bioenergy (plants and animal waste) and all bioenergy is similar in chemical structure. Bio energy is  is made up of various elements and compounds like anything else. The center of all life is energy, and after a living organism dies, there is energy in bioenergy that can be extracted through the burning process, that energy is carbon neutral because it is part of the above ground cycling system of Mother Earth. All biology while it is alive, soaks up CO2 and a host of other compounds and elements like a sponge to create the building blocks and energy needed to survive. When a living organism dies, there is a certain amount of energy left in the dead body, the energy is released in one of two ways.

    One way is it can decay over time, slowly releasing that energy and chemicals (building blocks of life) back into the earth and atmosphere. The second way is through burning the biobody releasing all its energy and elements in a mater of hours instead of years, though the same amount of elements are released back into Mother Earth, the only difference is one takes years, while the other only takes hours. Forest fires are an example of Mother Nature incorporating burning to rejuvenate quickly[gray smoke and ash are rich alkali fertilizers rich in minerals and nitrogen] in a balance of life by releasing the building blocks of life over a wide area in a quick release, much the same as anyone tending to a garden applying fertilizer.  Self-evidence is apparent in the lush green vegetation a year after a forest fire.

From a science point of view, burning is reverse engineering of the chemical process; actually transforming biology backwards from a solid, to a liquid, to a vapor (thick poisonous chemical concoction) , finally to plasma (vapor electrically charged) ignited through a heat source creates the burn or release of energy. 

Unfortunately man in his ignorance, (gov and corp is more malice and greed than ignorance) lacks the understanding of the proper combustion process. Here in reality, the facts are there are three things that effect proper combustion, its just a matter of knowing the facts for clean burning to reduce the amount of carcinogen compounds (bad smoke) to close to zero. We all know from grade 8 science that elements are things that can not be broken down any further, thus certain things will never be reduced to absolute zero such as carbon.  But things like the carcinogen compounds like formaldehyde and benzene are not elements, indeed they are compounds, thus if the combustion process is complete, poisonous compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene and the many other poisonous compounds such as methane and nanotoxins will not be released into the air if they are consumed in proper combustion. If burnt properly bioenergy is one of the cleanest (practically not toxic). Fossil fuels are compounds made up of different elements, such as coal contains large amounts of mercury, and natural gas sulfur, thus wood is the healthiest and safest energy sources on the planet as it doesn't contain any carcinogenic elements. Problem is government and corporations don't make any money on clean free energy, thus there is much disinformation produced by those who profit from other sources of energy such as coal and gas; they've got everyone fooled with this "if you can't see it, it must be clean" pulling the wool over the sheoples eyes mentality- [lead and mercury can be made invisible in microscopic sizes when they are heated to extreme]. 

Wood is natural, as such it falls under the realms of natural law, no matter what any bureaucrat insists, natural law and the rules of natural law apply. These are the three rules of clean burning defined through natural law that are self-evident, (containing its own evidence or proof without need of further demonstration).The key to clean and complete combustion is the process in which it manifests, notice the word "man" in manifest, as man has everything to do with the ignorant burning process, as such man in his ignorance is the root of the evil that comes from manipulation for his needs without regard for the natural laws. For instance, it is self-evident that forest fires do not occur unless conditions are optimal, while man forces his will in disregard for natural law invoking his own law of codes acts and statutes. The best and most important thing anyone can do to improve air quality, is to reproduce those same optimal conditions that are present when forest fires occur. There are several natural laws that must not be breached in order for life to be preserved.

1- Moisture content; Just like your car, if you were to dump a gallon of water in your gas tank, the combustion process is hampered. Unless wood is allowed to "season" (dry to 10-15% moisture content) the combustion process will be hampered, how much depends on how much moisture is in the wood, the reverse engineering process of burning is stopped half way through at the liquid and vapor stages creating smoke. The liquid and vapor contains high concentration of chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene. The amount of chemical emissions is visible on woodstoves as in the video above demonstrates old and new technology to reduce and remove harmful chemicals from the air.  

2-Temperature; Natural law dictates that in order for efficient combustion to occur, it is imperative for the core temperature to reach optimal temperature, the fuel it's self must reach temperatures that allow the breakdown of molecular structures completely to their original elements that are the building blocks of life. Therefore, in residential use, it is important that wood be brought into the warm atmosphere of the home for at least 12-24 hours, (depending on outside temperature). Many residential burners make the mistake of bring wood directly from outside into the fire which hampers complete combustion resulting in chemicals compounds and carcinogens being released into the atmosphere. The longer the wood needs to bring it up to temperature, the more the combustion process is hampered; the more smoke, (poison pollutants) will be emitted.

3- Air/Fuel; Perhaps the single most important thing that determines emissions of any combustion process is the air/fuel mixture, any mechanic will tell you this is the Golden rule in their job. An engine is a air pump that uses controlled explosions to transfer the energy into harnessed energy that man can use for his personal needs, though often at the expense of the environment as fossil fuels contain many more carcinogens than bioenergy. Think of fossil fuels as compressed biofuels, like a diamond compressed from coal, containing many more times the amount of compounds containing carcinogens and much more elements such as toxic mercury lead cadmium and others. Furthermore fossil fuels are suppose to be filed away like last years tax forms, never meant to see the light of day after its use the year before. The cycle of life is a fragile balance of give and take; fossil fuels are no longer part of Mother Nature's recipe for a healthy balance of life. However man in his ignorance and greed has turned his back on Mother Nature, thus the self evidence is apparent in the condition of the world we live in today. [acid rain, hole in ozone, dieing oceans and its creatures, smog and its sick society we withness today]

Any action taken by man that does not happen in nature or naturally is like a disease destroying the healthy tissue of life; spreading cancer and tearing apart Mother Earth, and every living thing with it. There is this misconception that plants will thrive on the excess CO2, though the smallest detail such as the PH value makes the difference between life and death; Fossil fuel CO2 and other compounds are extremely acidic, life thrives in alkaline. The acid is directly responsible for acid rain, smog, hole in the ozone, and acidification of the oceans; its gotten so bad that we may be at the point of no return as the sun is like a laser because there is very little natural ozone left to block radiation and UV rays. In fact it has gotten so bad world government has had to start what is called Chemtrials, which is planes spraying elements and compounds into the biosphere to artificially block UV and soak up radiation from both man’s nuclear experiments and the sun. Every major city has planes over head crop dusting the ozone. Look up, the evidence is before your eyes. 

Each year oil gas and mining production increases despite emerging technologies with potential to remove the dependency on oil to a minimum. Unfortunately governments and corporations have society hooked on oil gas coal and nuclear like a crack-head to crack. To stop the fossil fuel monster would mean society would collapse because governments and corporations hook on profits are like a drug dealer, they have the people hooked on the paycheques; they say it’s too big a monster to stop and reset society. Like each birth, the rebirth of the world will be bloody and painful, its either that or slowly kill ourselves like a smoker with lung cancer who can’t stop smoking...it will eventually lead to a slow painful death. 

  True air quality readings are not reflected in government data, its self evident; air is not suppose to be blue, gray or any other colour. Though the true air quality tests are done they are not revealed to the public.  World wide the air quality is so bad, smog blankets every city in the world due to corporate capitalism - for nothing but profit. 
- Proper tests were done in PG BC in 2010 in the middle of summer so no residential wood stoves could be blamed...tests revealed 10X's the legal limit of formaldehyde. 

  This technology  guarantee's that wood will never be banned from use, as comparing a standard fireplace that emits on average 40-60 grams of particulates hour compared to these new EPA stoves produce on average 4 grams hour, resulting in much less wood  needed to heat  a 2400 sqft home , 2-3 cord . Efficiency of 75% in regular noncatalytic stoves & up to 85% in catalytic stoves.    

   I find it very frustrating that the public, insurance companies, municipalities , and government in general on all levels continue to give wood appliances a bad name. Each year a misinformed citizen comes before council to ask wood to be banned with out knowing the facts. I hear every one say "I think"; well thinking is great but in reality "thinking" is only the process between knowing the facts and not knowing a dam thing about what the hell they are speaking about. 

  FACT is the smarter municipalities offer a credit of $450 to exchange old style smoke belcher's for  new high efficiency clean burning appliances. They also install bylaws,(as much as I hate more bylaws) that give warnings and eventually fines to the worst smoke belcher's because  any appliance, old or new can really be bad if misused. If burnt properly even older units can reduce  the amount of smoke emitted greatly.  Older appliances  have the obvious draw backs such as using  as much as 10 cord, have dangerous chimney fires and are not near as clean burning, safe, or as efficient as new EPA appliances.

    I also find it frustrating that people "think" that natural gas is clean and safe while in fact natural gas is very bad for the environment and is very dangerous! Many people each year are killed or hospitalized from gas poisoning  and explosions from gas appliances. It's only in the last few years that people are admitting that fossil fuels are bad for the environment, in fact emitting tons of acids, and other harmful chemicals not found in wood. Gas also emits 350 times more methane  gas and 7 times more carbon dioxide than wood plus tons of sulfuric acid. Gas is so corrosive that it eats cement away yet because it's invisible people don't realize how corrosive it is. Imagine what it's doing to your food when you grill your meat over gas, in many cases you can actually taste the gas, I believe that's what causes cancer as man has been cooking on open fires since the dawn of time with out cancer. 
[Read the article I stumbled upon on the Internet at the bottom of the page]

   All life is carbon based, carbon comes from forest fires, thus we wouldn't be here today with- out fire. Wood was one of mans first tools and it's likely to be one of his last if we don't make serious changes. If your building a new home consider other forms of heating and cooking than natural gas as it is anything but natural. I would like to see Natural gas fazed out completely as with new technology it is no longer  needed, and we all know what fossil fuels do to the environment, 7x 's more CO2 plus many other corrosive chemicals, it is a worse polluter than gasoline if you consider the amount consumed in residential and commercial. We can now heat our homes with geothermal, heat pumps, solar power, and others.More investment is need to develop such technologies of  alternatives. Sadly because heartless corporations own and operate the gas companies & influence the government it will take a long time to ban natural gas in new home construction.
  Europe has embraced wood as a clean green energy source as they have lived through the industrial age and know all to well the poisons of coal and other fossil fuels. England particularly has large generators built specifically for wood that burn clean and smoke free more than any other type of fuel.It may surprise you as it did me but they are getting the wood from North America and it shipping all the way to England as well as all over Europe and making money while cleaning the environment.Geeze didn't they talk about building a coal Generator in B.C some were as well as a Nuclear plant too. 

Wood Generators are actually helping the environment as wood generates many benefits as any "biomass" energy has much less CO2 and hardly any methane gas in the exhaust. I couldn't believe articles I read and morons on TV saying "cows are polluting the earth because of the methane gas that they expel"  now there's articles saying " global warming is a myth" . Fact is its not so much as a "global warming" as it is "climate change" bc natural law dictates for every action there is an equal [or greater] re-action.

  Forest fires burn clean as they have perfect conditions in the hot summer heat with O% of moisture in the wood,(optimum seasoned firewood should have 10% moisture), they are like a huge generator, It is a well known fact among scientist that large hot forest fires consume the smog in the air from fossil fuels leaving a cleaner environment after the fires are out. This is true in your house as well, as it is a mini environment, the 400F temperatures  of a hot wood stove top creates a mini weather pattern in your home, causing air to convect across the stove and across the room, cycling the air, as the air passes over the hot stove top it acts as a air purifier to kill any bacteria in the air instantly.

Self-Evident is provided in the fact of the number of people who need to go to emergency with breathing problems during a forest fire is practically nil compared to the number of people who have to go to emergency  with breathing problems in the Spring and Fall when government and corporations slashburn whole forests; ton after ton of wet green wood, pushed into huge piles, mud jammed in so no air flows. However those facts are kept away from the public eye. 
However you don't need to be a rocket scientist or PHD to see things like the blue air in the valley bc of slash burning or every mill in BC polluting thick blue shit 24/7/365. 

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S. Brian Alexander~owner/operator
natural gas  chimney with mortar eaten away  by sulfuric acid from natural gas. People think gas is clean, but it has many harmeful compounds plus tons of methane and CO2 that is destroying the ozone via acid rain. 
Tolko's Mill producing horrible smoke 24/7 365 days a year, yet Ministry of Environment ignores it.RALPH "the mouth" ADAMS says "there is nothing we can do".Commercial companies fill whole valleys with smoke even in summer yet people and gov purpose bans on residential burning.That's our government!

  That old adage that people use to say "burnt toast is good for you" is true, turns out carbon from the burnt toast has many benefits to our well being, makes sense as cave man has cooked over a open fire since the beginning of time, since we have stopped we have been getting sick with all sorts of nasty diseases. IN fact, carbon is used to filter out toxins in many applications such as water and air filters. Carbon is Mother Nature's natural cleaning device. The evidence is clear, cancers birth defects such as asthma food allergies hermaphrodites down syndrome epilepsy als and other disease in children is sky rocketing as well as diseases in every age range have sky rocketed in the last 50 years. What we eat and inject into our bodies has a lot to do with our health. For instance "they" say meat and particularly BBQ causes cancers, though if one considers what people cook over now a days is usually propane; sure, propane looks like its an angel no smoke n all, but its a wolf in sheep's clothing. Natural gas consists of some very acidic and toxic compounds and elements that are naked to the natural eye and senses. Cooking over a natural fire [that has not been contaminated] is healthy, and has added benefits such as the carbon. Smoke has been used to cure meats for thousands of years even today its common- self evident that eating meat or cooking it over a natural fire is  not the cause of the outbreak of thousands of diseases and deformities in the last 50 years. [however if the meat is contaminated with hormones  pesticides or farmed fed crap like much of the corporate food is today, then this may have a negative effect on the body- which is why buying local is much better for everyone-] 

CliActivated Charcoal
From Cathy Wong,
Your Guide to Alternative Medicine.
 Activated Charcoal: http://altmedicine.about.com/od/completeazindex/a/charcoal.htm

Activated charcoal is type of carbon made from wood, vegetables and other materials. It looks like a fine black powder. Activated charcoal is believed to have a large adsorptive capacity, making it able to bind with unwanted substances and toxins in the gut. 

Activated charcoal may help to lower cholesterol by interfering with enterohepatic circulation of bile acids. It has been found to lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

Why Do People Use Activated Charcoal?

Detoxification,   Bloating and gas,  Malodorous gas,  High cholesterol 

Poisoning / overdose – under medical supervision. If poisoning or overdose is suspected, go immediately to the emergency department of a hospital.

Activated charcoal is also used in air and water filters.

Dosage Information
Activated charcoal is available in liquid or powder form.
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Activated Charcoal
Natural adsorbent agent. Binds up unwanted materials and gas.

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